In Their Footsteps - 2015


The following individuals were honored for their achievements in 2015 at the June 18th FreeWalker Mid-Year Celebration. We recognized their participation and dedication to FreeWalker ideals of achieving difficult fitness goals, promoting community and setting an example for all FreeWalkers.

The winners shared with us some thoughts on how they got involved and what it means to be a FreeWalker. They were interviewed by Risa Olinsky, Vice President of the FreeWalkers:



Nancy Jonap - Outstanding FreeWalker 2015 (co-winner)
A proud Jersey City resident and pedestrian promoter, Nancy loves all kinds of walks and is working on creating new ones. She leads the Hudson River Loop Walk, one of our most popular. She's also known for her walking expeditions with Ken Kurland through NY, CT and RI on the East Coast Greenway over the past 3 years. Nancy believes in living an active and compassionate life. We're thankful walking and FreeWalkers fit perfectly into her lifestyle.  Click here for the Interview.


Ken Kurland - Outstanding FreeWalker 2015 (co-winner)

A man of many talents, Ken is maybe first a borderline obsessive walker. When walking his daily 10 miles he's dreaming of grand walks along paths others have not taken. When not walking, he's either tackling legal issues or composing a wide range of music. We know him as "Mr. Bronx" because there's no one that knows every inch of that borough better than Ken. His Bronx Coast-to-Coast Walk got rave reviews and he promises more for 2016. Click here for the Interview.


Bob Quinlan - Outstanding Leadership 2015
Leading is a natural instinct for Bob as he's been leading and inspiring others all his life. Bob was happy to direct a few walks and even created a few of his own this year. Bob went through a lifestyle change a few years ago after retiring from a long career. He lost 80 pounds and has been on a singular track to enjoy life to the fullest. FreeWalkers seems to be on that same right track. Click here for the Interview.


Ilene Silver - Best FreeWalker Spirit 2015
Every organization needs an Ilene to help encourage others and to communicate what we believe in. Ilene has a broad set of interests including walking, cycling and scuba diving.  Walking fits neatly into her animal-friendly lifestyle as she and her Australian Terrier 3 to 4 times a day. Ilene likes walking as a way of discovering the joys of the little things around you that you too often take for granted. Click here for the Interview.


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