Yohana Osorio - Outstanding FreeWalker 2016

Yohana Osorio was interviewed by Risa Olinsky, FreeWalkers Vice President, on what makes her walk and what it means to be a FreeWalker. Yohana won the Outstanding FreeWalker Award this year. 

Risa: How did you find and get involved in FreeWalkers?

Yohana: I was invited by Risa Olinsky who thought I'd enjoy a 34 mile walk on the Lenape Trail. "Pffft" was my first thought, but then she mentioned I could do as little or as much as I wanted. I do enjoy hiking, and the first 10 miles of this walk is more of a hike through our local reservation, so I thought the worst that could happen would be meeting some new people who also like to hike. A win/win.

Risa: How has participating with FreeWalkers motivated you to walk longer distances and different places and/or in any other way?

Yohana: Thanks to FreeWalkers, I am now more intentional about healthy habits, and walking is so easy and cost efficient. ;) Just go! No equipment necessary. I have come to realize that I can go anywhere I want if I just start walking in that direction. There is a socialization aspect to FreeWalkers which helps me; seeing all of the highly motivated individuals on the trails is inspiring. So many different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds coming together for the joy of walking for yourself. We owe it to ourselves to take care of the perfectly designed machine that we call our bodies and FreeWalkers provides an opportunity for all to do just that, and make friends and have fun while seeing amazing places that you'd never come across by driving!

Risa: What would you describe as your most exciting experience with FreeWalkers? And why?

Yohana: Seeing the Italian Amalfi Coast was a very exciting experience. I got the opportunity to see Italy for the first time, and climbing to what felt like the top of the world, although exhausting at times, was breathtaking with every step forward. However, I must say that Stroll & Roll has been my absolute favorite as this event truly encompasses the essence of FreeWalkers to get EVERYONE, regardless of their age, to join a fun walk.

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