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best_crop_f5e018cd4e7e7bca65fb_Popper.jpg?v=48f9b5089adefbdd330d&profile=RESIZE_710xUnion County Freeholder Rebecca Williams presented a resolution to Jennifer Popper of Plainfield on Wednesday, congratulating her on walking over 800 miles from Union County to Maine over the summer to honor her late husband, Michael, and to raise aw

88368866?profile=originalThe big three make international news in their walk from Portland ME to St. Stephen New Brunswick. With a Canadian welcome party to greet them, international relations could not be better. No bad trade deals here. Just a penny swap.

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While walking through Maine as part of the expedition trio walking to Canada, Ken Kurland landed an interview with the Portland Press Herald. In it he tells of his current journey and his lifetime of dedicated walking.  You can tell he got the int