Why Distance Walking?

Walk 40 miles in one day? Are you kidding?
How about 10?


It sounds a little crazy. Most of the time “walking” is just simply taken for granted or even avoided. Its close cousin “running” seems to get all the attention these days. And, for a true cyclist, biking is way cooler, and far more efficient, than either form of self-propelled travel.

But, speaking as an occasional runner and ardent cyclist, walking can have a valuable place in your fitness routine - both for its physical and mental benefits. Walking does not take a lot of physical strength and is probably the most natural of human exercise. In fact, we are blessed with a physique that almost begs to be used for this purpose.

That said, a long distance walk does take a long time and requires patience, endurance and efficiency to finish. If you are already a runner, cyclist or part-time walker you may be able to walk a lot further than you might think. Our experience shows that people of all ages enjoy the challenge, regardless of the distance they end up walking. 

Recently, there has been much concern about our nation's health and the need to exercise to avoid disease and to live an active and satisfying lifestyle.

Walking is an exercise that can be done by anyone; young and old. But, more than a simple exercise, walking can be a form or expression of community. By creating a public challenge we can demonstrate to others that we care about issues that involve building better individuals and communities.

Here are a few of the objectives of our long walks:

  1. Appreciate the benefits of walking and physical exercise
  2. Experience trails, such as the East Coast Greenway, the D&R Canal towpath, the Lenape, Hudson River Waterway, C&O Canal, Minuteman Trail, etc. They are valuable, underused resources that benefit from our use and involvement in their cause.
  3. Become aware of the pro-pedestrian movement and related issues.
  4. Create a new form of personal physical challenge – distance walking.
  5. Have some fun! Meet some people! Push your limits!

We hope you will join us for the fun and challenge and come away with a feeling of accomplishment by doing something different and positive. It may just get you interested in exercising, for all the right reasons, and involved in a variety of issues that desperately need our attention.


Paul Kiczek
Executive Director & Founder