In Their Footsteps - FreeWalkers Awards

The following individuals were honored for their achievements in 2016 at the FreeWalkers Year-end Party. We recognized their participation and dedication to FreeWalkers ideals of achieving difficult fitness goals, promoting community and setting an example for all FreeWalkers.

The winners shared with us some thoughts on how they got involved and what it means to be a FreeWalker


Adriane G Berg - Best FreeWalker Spirit 2016
As much an inspiration as any FreeWalker, Adriane has a short stride but a powerful spirit.  She finds great joy in visiting and learning about new places. When she is not occupied as a financial advisor or with her radio program on successful and active aging, Adriane is often travelling or admiring art in its various forms. She is an accomplished speaker and author, but achieves something more in completing every walk with an indefatigable smile. 

Read her interview.


Yohana Osorio - Outstanding FreeWalker 2016

In taking the lead in establishing the success of our first family-oriented event, the Stroll and Roll, Yohana has introduced FreeWalkers and recreational walking to a whole new segment of the community, including active parents and young children.  As a member of our board, an organizer and a go-getter, she brings new energy and engagement to our organization, and we are proud to have her in our family.

Read her interview.


Charles Updike - Outstanding Leadership 2016

Our Regional Director in the Delaware Valley, Charles has expanded the geographic reach of our events while adding several walks to our calendar in the greater Philadelphia area, many with an historic emphasis. He is assisting FreeWalkers in improving its web presence and in promoting events online. He enjoys finding historic and genealogical connections in the places he visits, and sharing his most scenic and interesting journeys with us.

Read his interview.



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